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This week's highest rated tunes!

1) Lonely - Lunar Rogue
2) Can't Get It Out Of My Head - ELO
3) Come Back Home - Magazine Smile
4) My Sacrifice - Creed
5) It's True - Lunar Rogue
6) Good Times, Cheap Wine - Kid Rock 
7) Dance Alone - Lunar Rogue
8) Anything - The Calling
9) Come Sail Away - Styx 
10) Blue Morning, Blue Day - Foreigner 
11) Take Away - Lunar Rogue
12) All Fired Up - Pat Benatar
13) That's All - Genesis
14) When We Were Gods - Heavy Justice 
15) I Love You - Woodkid

As played on Spiderwebradio's Top 15 LIVE with Al Matchett !

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Streams launched!
Spiderwebradio is live365's 2nd most listened to modern rock station.  Nearly 250,00 streams have been launched since SWR's inception in 2005.  Listeners in more than 40 countries rate it's tunes,  Al Matchett spins SWR's 15 highest rated songs on Fridays at 4pm eastern/1pm pacific LIVE.  The station is located in LaSalle, Ontario, Canada.

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