We play independent tunes, send your "HIT" to ourstudio@spiderwebradio.com.
The Original
We spin rock hits around the worldwide WEB!

We mix independent bands with mainstream bands and let our listeners determine which tunes we keep in rotation.  Our listener's rate our tunes, by clicking on the "thumbs up or thumbs down" button on their live365.com player. Every Saturday, we spin our top 100 tunes and post our top 15.


This weeks top 15 tunes!

#1) Everywhere And Nowhere - Lunar Rogue
#2) Crazy On You - Heart
#3) My Sacrifice - Creed
#4) Follow You, Follow Me - Genesis
#5) Come Back Home - Magazine Smile
#6) Mystery - Brad Curtis and The SOME x 6 Band
#7) Internal Vampires - Lunar Rogue
#8) Call Me - Shinedown
#9) Circles - Lunar Rogue
#10) Motorcycle Ride - Lunar Rogue
#11) Stand Up - 23 EXP
#12) Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
#13) In This Wilderness - Lunar Rogue
#14) It's True - Lunar Rogue
#15) My Kind Of Barbecue - Skinny Cool Kid


Streams launched!
Our highest rated indie artists!

#1) Lunar Rogue
#2) Magazine Smile
#3) Brad Curtis & The SOME x6 Band
#4) Skinny Cool Kid
#5) 23 EXP
#6) Heavy Justice
#7) Dirty Mind Detroit
#8) The Pop Junkies
#9) Dead In 5
#10) Bob Sima

SWR supports indie bands worldwide, if you have a "rock hit" contact Al at
ourstudio@spiderwebradio.com for details on how your band can get airplay and some free publicity!
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