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This weeks top 15!

1) American Pie - Don McLean
2) Lonely - Lunar Rogue
3) Hot Kiss - Juliette Lewis
4) Good Times, Cheap Wine-Kid Rock
5) Everywhere & Nowhere - Lunar Rogue
6) Barracuda - Heart
7) Come Back Home - Magazine Smile
8) Take Away - Lunar Rogue
9) Island In The Sun - Weezer
10) I Can't Stand It - Eric Clapton
11) Dancing With Myself - Billy Idol
12) Pretending - Eric Clapton
13) The Ballroom Blitz - Sweet
14) Interstate - The Pop Junkies
15) Gold Digger - Heavy Justice

As played on SWR's Top 15 LIVE with Al Matchett !

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Our highest rated indie bands!

Lunar Rogue
Heavy Justice
Magazine Smile
The Pop Junkies
Astronaut Academy
Black Tongued Bells
Brad Curtis & The SOME x6 Band
Dead In Five
Skinny Cool Kid
Dirty Mind Detroit

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