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Spiderwebradio is back!

TOP 15 FOR February 8, 2019


1) True - Network

2) Pink Lemonade - James Bay

3) You're The One - Greta Van Fleet

4) Getting In The Groove - The Boondock Boys

5) The Sound Of My Guitar - Healthy Junkies

6) Uh - Huh

7) Moderation - Florence & The Machine

8) VIP - Melia

9)Darkside - Violent Gin

10) Black Hole (Solid Ground) - The Blue Stones

11) Good Day To Be Alive - Kevin B Klein

12) It Ain't Over Yet - Bedrokk

13) When Will It End - Violent Gin

14) Oh Donna - Jean Cabbie

15) Teardrops Will Fall - John Mellencamp

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We spin a variety of rock tunes to our listeners around our worldwide web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!  On Thursday's we spin extra throwback tunes and Spiderwebradio rocks your weekends by spinning our top 100 tunes Saturday and Sunday! Want to get ahold of us, make a request, or submit an indie tune? Send us an email: ourstudio@spiderwebradio.com

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The History of Our Station


Spiderwebradio began in spinning rock hits around the worldwide web in October of 2005. SWR was live365's #1 Modern rock station until it's demise in 2015. We ventured on our own in 2016 and won several awards from Stream Licensing. We had to take a break in March of 2018 after a dispute with SL and lack of support from Listen2MyRadio. We attempted to utilize Radionomy, and although we relaunched with them, too many technical glitches when we attempted to go live. We have found a new home with Citrus3 "The Internet Radio Company"  We are extremely optimistic and our web continues to catch listeners from around the world.